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The Managing Board

Dr. John-Robert Scholz

Dr. John-Robert Scholz


As the chairman of the “FIFU e.V.” I coordinate the cooperation between the individual organs  and ensure that we as an association are always optimally positioned. I focus on efficient communications so that projects can be supervised by the best qualified club members.

Through my work as a scientist with a focus on polar and space research, I was able to gain a lot of experience in the acquisition, analysis, visualization and interpretation of real life data. I am currently self-employed in the field of programming and science consulting.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Erik Winkelmann

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Erik Winkelmann

Deputy Chairman

My job as vice chairman of “FIFU e.V.” is to structure projects and estimate the resources required.

I am always on the lookout for disruptive and innovative ideas, which I implement with you using my network.

André Winkelmann

André Winkelmann


As CFO, I am responsible for the monetary affairs of “FIFU e.V.”. The ongoing discussion about environmental protection and resource conservation has become more explosive in recent years. Motivated by this debate, I would like to personally commit myself to a clean and sustainable environment in which we all and future generations can live decently.

The Members

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Georg Bauerfeind

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Georg Bauerfeind

Content Manager

As an engineer, I have been accompanying new products from the first idea to production for over 10 years. Thanks to extensive experience in different areas such as automotive, HPC and IoT, I lead projects with holistic thinking and anticipation. Supply chain and data management are my specialties within this field of activity.

My commitment within the “FIFU e.V.” is to pave the way for innovative products and processes.

Dipl.-Ing.  Simon Rietschel

Dipl.-Ing. Simon Rietschel

Infrastructure manager

As a process engineer and IT security expert, I focus on the implementation of projects in the field of digital future technologies. I pay particular attention to innovative solutions in the field of Industry 4.0, Smart City, IoT and IT security.

As a founding member of “FIFU e.V.”, I use my knowledge in a targeted manner to coordinate and accompany projects in these areas through all phases.

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Jäckel

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Jäckel

Welding engineer

As a scientist and project manager, I support you with the application, organization and processing of both basic and application-oriented research projects. The focus of my activities is the development of innovative and future-oriented manufacturing technologies, whereby the results achieved are published in journals and lectures at national and international conferences.

As a founding member of the “FIFU e.V.”, I actively and purposefully contribute the expertise I have gathered in the course of my professional activity in all phases of research projects. From the idea and application to project processing and presentation of results – I will support you.

Dipl.-Ing.  Christian Rudolf

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Rudolf

External representative

My goal is to promote innovative projects in the areas of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources. Technologies to protect the environment and resources are playing an increasingly central role, especially with regard to demographic and climatic developments. As a process engineer and experienced founder, I support the coordination of research activities and private-sector initiatives, from application to market launch.

B.A. Philipp Böttcher

B.A. Philipp Böttcher

Man in the middle

In order to realize a vibrant life in our society, I focus on inclusion and networking for the diversity and heterogeneity of the community and existing professions.

Due to my expertise in the social sciences and my work in public service, it is my approach to help develop a real-world benefit for the association. In doing so, tendencies and needs should be recognized, transported and made transparent for all members, partners and supporters.

Christoph Justus Persike

Christoph Justus Persike

Legal advice and small print

Sustainable, innovative solutions often require complex legal regulations, for example in the area of contract drafting. Due to my expertise as a lawyer, I support the association and its projects in these matters. In addition, I help with questions of company and labor law and thus enable a legally secure implementation of the projects and research work from the idea through the design to the implementation of the project.

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