Our Mission



Our association “Society for Promotion of Innovation, Research & the Environment e.V” (FIFU), with its members, sponsors and the goals formulated in its statutes, is obliged to show itself to be of service to society in a non-profit manner. With a sharp focus on networking, optimization and digitization, we want to build and strengthen bridges between research and industry through innovative work to achieve synergy effects for as many areas of society as possible. Our overriding motivation is our nature and the environment: we want to shape the reality of life positively and sustainably for future generations.


Research is generally about acquiring new knowledge. In this process of developing knowledge, “FIFU e.V” can be a strong and reliable partner. By research we do not mean the sometimes abstract level of academic research, but also application-oriented development, for example in the area of digitization, product manufacturing and process optimization. The conceivable research space is not limited: alternative energies, green technologies and efficient systems, but also artificial intelligence and IoT applications. In our projects we always strive for synergetic cooperations with scientific institutions and companies.

Environmental Protection

Promoting Germany as a location for innovation through non-profit research is the declared aim of “FIFU e.V.” – this ensures the non-material prosperity of future generations. In our opinion, an essential influencing factor for the quality of life is above all an intact environment: clean air, healthy flora and assured biodiversity are only three of many important aspects. The focus of our association is therefore also on the development and installation of systems for the generation, storage and transport of regenerative energies, as well as the maintenance, expansion and creation of forests and green spaces.